Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My Little Girl's 3rd Birthday Party DIYs - Part 2

My daughter turned three years old errrr, months ago, and started at daycare a month or so ago. :) She's a ball of energy, still a bit shy at times, but definitely less now than before.

Been looking at her first to 3rd birthday pictures just a few minutes ago, and I realized - HEY! I HAVEN'T DONE PART 2! So here you go, so sorry for the delay:

The cake is considered as one of the 'main attractions' of a party. So I made sure that I also exert some extra  effort to make my K's cupcake tower special. I can't bake to save my life, so even if I wanted to also DIY the cakes and cupcakes, I just couldn't. :) 

So, I made do with designing the cupcake tower. I wanted to make it look festive, not uber girly, but fun and feminine enough for my little girl. I also had to make sure that my design would be easy to execute, since I didn't have the benefit of a 'helping hand'.

I went for mini-buntings and my daughter's all-time favorite color - yellow. To save on printer ink paper, I decided to bring out the generic gift wrappers we bought from Divi (super cheap since we bought them in 'bulk' or 25 pcs. of the design) to use for the mini-buntings.

Here's how it turned out. 


K's party was held at my mom-in-law's garage which was pretty spacious. And ever since hubby got the hang of working with balloons, he'd always wanted to be the one to decorate my baby's party. So I let him (of course!). :-) It's also a money-saving option, so why not take it right? Though it did mean he had to start working on it really early on the morning of the party. I didn't know what he had planned, but here's how it turned out:

Pretty nifty work by hubby right? :-) He did all the balloon work - centerpieces, the pillars, and the hanging of the Chinese lanterns. I made the buntings (thanks Divi gift wrappers) that served as the buffet area 'backdrop'.

I absolutely loved the Chinese lanterns we had on here, and I'm thinking of having lanterns again for my little girl's birthday party next year (early planning? oh yeah! :)), and I am just so super excited to have found this awesome store on Facebook called Celebrations Party Central. They have this awesome polka dot and striped lanterns that are uber cute, printed paper plates with pretty designs for any theme, and oh the abundance of unique party stuff there (all imported!). Ohhhhh, and they have a store in Makati that you can actually visit if you want to go on a party shopping spree! I am just so thrilled to have found this store online, and I plan to get my hands busy shopping there soon. :-) For those thinking of doing some superb DIY parties, or just need some really special party stuff, do check out their Facebook page


I wanted to make just one standee for my little girl's 3rd birthday, and I was just about to get ready to make it when hubby's cousin offered to do it. He also happens to be K's godfather, and since he insisted, I let him do it (lucky me. hehe). 

I was originally planning to do the printed tarp-foam board combo for the standee, but K's godfather decided to do the tarp-plywood thing. I cannot imagine myself making the standee outline out of wood, so I was pretty amazed when I saw the outcome of what K's godfather did. It must have taken a huge amount of work and precision. And true enough, the tarp-plywood combo was definitely sturdy. It rained hard and the winds blew pretty hard that day, but the standees stood still the entire time. :-) Hats off Ninong Macky! :-)


I am a huge fan of candy buffets, desserts stations and the likes. Though I personally do not have a sweet tooth, I enjoy conceptualizing and decorating candy corners like the ones I had for my daughter's and hubby's niece's parties. They're just so colorful and fun to look at, and I'm sure the kids love it. 

For this year, I decided on having fruit-flavored treats on the candy buffet, and since we're on a tight budget, I only had five varieties and had a kilo each of the gummies and just one big pack for each of the mallows.  Thankfully, since I had a pretty small guest list for the year, what I prepared was good enough for everyone. :-) And I was so lucky this year too...My little girl won treats from Milkita Lollipops again! Though the bulk of lollies and candies that we took home were a bit smaller this year, we are still so thankful for the yummy sweets we got from Milkita. :-) 

For the decor used on the candy buffet, I made it quite simple too - ribbons, printed labels, oh and yes, I reused the cupcake liner pompoms I made for hubby's niece's 7th birthday party last year. I just love those cupcake liner pompoms...they're still so 'alive and well', that I can still use them next year! :P

Here's how the candy buffet turned out:

Really very simple... but I think it's just the perfect 'size' for our little party at home (or MIL's home. hihi). :) I would want to do a better job at it next year though. :)

Doing DIYs for a party can be really challenging, not to mention time-consuming. BUT, it's ALWAYS worth it. The joy of being able to see the outcome of your hard work, and have it appreciated by people you love - ahhh, the feeling is incomparable. So yeah, hot glued fingers and crazy mess considered, I'd still definitely do more DIYs on K's next parties (if she'd still let me.hehe).

Happy party planning! :) 


  1. Great photos. Our seven year old had their birthday party last weekend and they had a kids reptile party where they got to hold crocodiles and snakes. Like your kids the children had the time of their life, but in our case we spent a bit more on the entertainment.

  2. Ang ganda sis! Inggit talaga ako sa magaling mag DIY.

  3. hi im planning to make standees i would like to know pano po nashape ung pplywood the same shape ng daughter mo? at panu po nakabit ung stand sa likod? TIA