Friday, January 27, 2012

This Mommy Got Crafty - Paper Bags

After my daughter's latest birthday party (May 2011), I became a DIY fan. Although there were very few DIY elements on her 2nd birthday celebration, the mere fact that I was able to pull it off gave me a sense of incomparable satisfaction. :)

Since then, I had been searching for ways on how to make DIY party decor. I have also been on a constant hunt for templates - for invitations, favor bags, and whatnot that I can use for parties. On the latter part of 2011, I found some templates online for paper bags (there's a lot here: .

And no, not just your usual paper 'bags'. More like paper purses! :)

Here are some of the stuff I made:

my first take on paper purses. the one on the left is 'Christmas-inspired'. Hehe. 
My first ever paper backpacks

I made some more of the LV-like backpacks and made purse versions too! :) (Will post pics once I find them. They want AWOL on me. Hehe.)

I plan to dabble in more paper crafts this year, and would definitely make some more for my little girl's parties, and other little occasions we have too! :)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Our 2011 Christmas

Can't believe it's 2012 already! And that I haven't blogged in months! *blushes*

My little family had a really awesome Christmas and New Year, simply because we spent it with each other and our parents. Good food and genuine laughs...aaaahhhh, precious memories in the making.

We spent our New Year's day at my in-laws' place. My MIL prepared our media noche, so hubby, little princess and I pretty much just had the task of wolfing down the yummy grub. Hehe. Christmas on the other hand, was something I had personally prepared for (or at least tried to do so. Harhar.) as this was held at our humble abode. Unfortunately, I didn't expect that my little girl's nanny would be going to Batangas to spend Christmas with her dad who's visiting from Romblon. :( Thankfully though, my parents, brothers, and hubby were here to help me out with the many tasks of the day so some of my original plans were able to push on. :-)

Here are some pics of our happy Christmas: