Thursday, May 31, 2012

Little Girl's 3rd Birthday Party - My DIY Projects - Part 1

So I was thinking which of my many drafts (eeek guilty!) to finish for posting...

And then I realized...hey, I promised a post about my little girl's party for her turning terrific THREE! So there, problem solved. Let them drafts hang on for a moment. :)

Working on my DIY projects for my little girl's birthday was definitely NOT an easy task. I had to do them in between work (I'm a WAHM, work-at-home-mom) - like typing one paragraph for an article, and then cutting paper the next. :-) My workspace was swimming with glue, paper, and whatnot. But I loved it! Oh how I looooved it!

The DIYs were actually pretty basic, nothing super fancy. But they were all labors of love - and that's what matters right? :)

Here they are:


I am really thankful for the the super creative SP (Smartparenting) mom, sis Bernie of KimiF1Creations, who did the awesome Ni Hao Kai Lan layout for my little girl's invites. I did make some attempts to come up with designs and layouts for the invitations, but sis Bernie's work just knocked them all out of the ballpark - hers was simple, cute, and easy to make! :-) So kudos to this wonderful woman! Please visit her Facebook page if you want to see more of her amazing work.

Apple-shaped Ni Hao Kai Lan-themed invites. Design by KimiF1Creations. Design execution by me. :-)

My 'envelopes'. :-)

The materials I used for the invites were woven photo paper and corrugated paper. I just added the leaf detail to the design, I thought it added that extra 'oomph' to it. :)

For the envelopes, I was actually thinking of using just the regular envelopes, but I got a bit inspired and opted for a 'basket of apples' that went with the theme of the invite itself. I just printed the graphic on matte sticker paper, and since I wanted something hard and sturdy for the backing, I decided to reuse my daughter's milk cartons (Thanks Lactum!) which were just lying around the house. :) I then cut a slot in the middle of the basket to insert the invite and make it look like one of 'apples in the basket'. Cool eh?

*please excuse my cutting skills - I never perfected my scissor skills for some reason. LOL


I had a bunch of ideas in my head for the lootbags - baskets, paper boxes, etc.... BUT I decided to just settle for something that's actually reusable. It so happened that our town has a new rule - no plastic bags to be used in stores and groceries - so reusable bags are like the 'in' thing here. Not to mention a necessity now.

I bought the reusable bags in Divisoria, a haven for anything and everything inexpensive. :) Got them at 8 pesos each I think. I TRIED to the best of my abilities to use iron-on transfer stickers on these, but I am so not friends with the hot iron - I actually ruined a couple of the bags. Urgh.

But all's well that ends well - I just made paper stickers (also used the name logo made by sis Bernie. :-).This way the recipient can choose to just remove it if they want to reuse the bag. :-)

The reusable lootbags and my DIY Stickers 

The lootbag contents. I totally forgot to take a picture of the other stuff I put in it too. Gaaaaah!
I had three kinds of lootbags, for boys, for girls, and for babies. The one for boys had:

1. Brown bag of Milkita Treats (lotsa candies and fruity milky lollies which I won from their weekly contest. Yey!)
2. Activity book
3. A pen/toy
4. Super cute erasers
5. Some snacks
6. A small toy

The girls had:

1. Brown bag of Milkita Treats (lotsa candies and fruity milky lollies which I won from their weekly contest. Yey!)
2. Personalized doodle pads
3. Personalized to-do pads
4. A pen/mirror/small brush (really cute!)
5. Some snacks
6. A small toy

The babies had:

1. Soft alphabet puzzle mats
2. Toy blocks
3. Puzzle
4. Some snacks
5. Small coloring book
6. Brown bag of Milkita Treats (lotsa candies and fruity milky lollies which I won from their weekly contest. Yey!)

Well, that's it...for now at least! :)

More on my DIYs and other party details in the next post. :) Thanks for reading!

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  1. This is cute. I also had my youngest 3rd birthday party as Ni Hao, Kai-Lan in 2013. Her invitations for family were passports to China and her thank you cards were made like post cards. I used take out boxes and filled them with China toys and fortune cookies, etc. and designed the outside of it with Kai-Lan characters. Her class had Mr. Sun cookies. She had two separate parties since we were out of town.