Thursday, May 31, 2012

Little Girl's 3rd Birthday Party - My DIY Projects - Part 1

So I was thinking which of my many drafts (eeek guilty!) to finish for posting...

And then I realized...hey, I promised a post about my little girl's party for her turning terrific THREE! So there, problem solved. Let them drafts hang on for a moment. :)

Working on my DIY projects for my little girl's birthday was definitely NOT an easy task. I had to do them in between work (I'm a WAHM, work-at-home-mom) - like typing one paragraph for an article, and then cutting paper the next. :-) My workspace was swimming with glue, paper, and whatnot. But I loved it! Oh how I looooved it!

The DIYs were actually pretty basic, nothing super fancy. But they were all labors of love - and that's what matters right? :)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

To Party or Not to Party?

So I haven't blogged in ages.

I have been terribly busy with the workload, and with my little girl at summer school, I have additional study tasks by the time she gets home everyday. So yeah, I was pretty much supermom mode for the past couple of months. 

And I sooo missed blogging! To all those who read my blog, my sincerest apologies for not being able to update kiddiepartyholic....

But, I'm back!!! :-)


I've been thinking this morning about what to post. My mind was bursting with ideas! But I decided to talk about one common dilemma among parents during their kids' birthdays....the question of whether:


Thing is, for some parents, this question doesn't just crop up once, but almost every year (*seeing myself in the frame here*). Party preps can be really challenging, especially for super busy mommies and daddies. BUT, it doesn't mean it can't get addicting. :-) Once you start the 'cycle' of throwing one for your kid, oh, the joy! 

But, it's not always as easy as 'Ok, there's a party this year!' or 'Nope, not this year!' There are many times that there'd be a tug-of-war in your head. And if you're doing a solo effort on the planning, it can be way more difficult to decide. 

So let me help you out. Here are a few factors to consider along with some tips so you can decide whether to throw a party or not for your child's birthday:

1. Think of your budget. Oh yes, the age-old consideration of money. Parties are not normally part of a parent's budget (unless you have an overflowing 'treasure chest'. :-)), so you really have to figure it into your expenses. 

If you look at your table of expenses, and inserting 'Party' into it would mean having a negative balance at the end, then don't have one. In the Filipino setting, this means if you have to  make utang (loan money) for the it, then it's not a sound idea. 

TIP for the kiddiepartyholic:  If you do happen to have a little space on the expenses table that you can allocate for a party, then the best thing to do is to just have a simple and intimate celebration. A small budget for a party isn't always a sad thing, it just means you have to be creative and innovative. Instead of having your usual 50 guests, just choose 20-25 who are close to your kid and your family. A DIY party at home works best for most, since you can control your guest list, the food you will serve, and you can keep the party details to a manageable amount. :-) 

2. Is it YOU who wants the party or YOUR KID? When my daughter turned one, and then two, I must admit, it was me who wanted to have a party. You know the usual 'comment' by non-party enthusiasts: "They won't remember it anyway" (referring to parties thrown for little kids). 

I usually answer this with: AH, BUT I WOULD. And I want to remember something beautiful and fun. 

But they do have a point. 

So if you do have a budget, but still can't decide, ask yourself this: 
Do you intend to throw a party because you want your kid to have fun and beautiful memories to cherish about their birthdays or do you want to throw a party just because you have the money to spare and would want to impress your peers and relatives?

If you find yourself feeling guilty with the second question (because you know in your heart you're saying yes), then DON'T throw a party. It's just going to be about you and not your kid. And that's NEVER the point of a kiddie party. :-)

TIP for the kiddiepartyholic: If your kid can already communicate his wants, say around the age of  three or four years old, then by all means, ASK your child if he wants to have a party or not. If he says no, then that's your cue (to pack up the planning table). If he says yes, then make sure to let him know what kind of party mommy and daddy can afford, so you can set the right expectations. No sense in making him expect something with the works, when you can only have the budget for a small and simple (but nevertheless fun!) party

3. A yearly party is NOT necessary, but a party is definitely something a kid should have at least once in  his kiddie years. Back in the day, as in waaaay back in the day, parties were usually held when a child is to be presented to society. It's what we call a 'debut' nowadays. But... in the more modern times, kiddie parties have also shared the spotlight. 

Usually, some parents are at odds about throwing a party for a child's first birthday. Of course with the usual consideration of 'is this something they'd appreciate at such an age?' The answer is most likely no. They'd probably love seeing all the colors, and the balloons, and perhaps the candies - but enjoy in the sense of games and such? No. the future, their first birthday is something they'd most likely ask about. They'd probably ask you if they had a party or not. If you celebrated it or not. Remember that a first birthday is usually a THANKSGIVING for a child's first year of life, so if your budget permits a party, then having one would be a fun idea. It DOES NOT have to be grand, but it should definitely be meaningful. (First birthdays are usually the parties that YOU decide on, the rest should be up to your kid)

TIP for the kiddiepartyholic: The ages at which we usually hold kiddie parties are at 1 and 7 years old. The in-betweens are really up to you. Some have a 'grander' one at the age of three, since this is the age at which they usually 'remember' and are able to play with other kids and appreciate all the party details. 

4. The grand scheme of things. Holding a party for your kid's birthday is a lot about your kid, and the family. If you all want one (especially the celebrator), then by all means, go for it! :-) But, if in any case there are other factors to consider - like a very ill close family member, or a really, really important school event/milestone that your child cannot miss out on, then you might want to 'reconsider' the idea.

TIP for the kiddiepartyholic: If your kid really wants a party, and there are other 'circumstances' that may prevent it, try to work around those circumstances. This may mean you have to sacrifice a party detail or two - like making it a simpler one, or postponing it to a later date, or moving the venue to  more convenient one, things like that. Changes are ok, especially if they're going to make better things happen. :-)

I really hope this helps you decide on whether to throw a party or not for your kid's next birthday. Just keep in mind that celebrations can be done in many, many forms - a day at the theme park, an overnight stay in a hotel, or even a simple meal at your family's favorite restaurant - all these are great ideas too!

But of course, a party is a party - and it's fun! :-)