Saturday, March 23, 2013

We're Back and Talking about DIY Birthday Backdrops!

Aha! This blog is ALIIIIIVE!

I was thinking of going into some long winding apology about life and what kept me back from writing a post for the past three months - but well you know the drill - WAHMMY duties was what it was all about. :)

Anyyywaayyys, my daughter's fourth birthday party is just a couple of months away and I have done close to nothing. I bought her a birthday dress. Haha. Oh and I do have a theme and some printables already - it's going to be just an intimate house party (finally.). Due to budget constraints (big school's up for my little girl in June), everything is kinda a gray area right now as far as her party is concerned, but what I'm sure of is she can have a little celebration at home. So I thought, I'm going to give myself a challenge this year - I will plan the entire fab little celebration in two to three weeks at most. Can I do this? Hmmm, we'll find out by May.

In the meantime, as I lament my woes, I've gathered some awesome ideas for party backdrops from the web. For the past few year that I've been looking into kiddie party ideas in the Philippines, most backdrops I have seen were made of either a tarpaulin print-out or the more expensive styro set-up.