Thursday, October 27, 2011

It's A Snow White Success! :) PART 1

It turned out to be a rainy Saturday morning, despite the fact that Typhoon Pedring has already exited the Philippine Area of Responsibility... So our little house party, had to be relocated to our subdivision's little function hall, which was thankfully unoccupied and available for the rest of the day. :)

Our birthday girl Angel (my hubby's niece) was super excited for her party, since her last big one was her first birthday. :)We, hubby and I, were actually more excited than she is, being that we would be doing almost 100% of the party decor. We had such a small budget allotted for this particular party, and it was really challenging for us to put together.

But, with the help of my mom-in-law, who did all the cooking, we were able to churn out a fun and colorful 7th birthday party for our little Angel for less than 15,000! :) (Expense breakdown to follow.)

Here are some snapshots of the party as well as our DIY projects. :) I'd have to do this post in parts so as not to overwhelm you with details.

Below are some of the DIY's that we did for the party:

Before anything else, this is our sweet birthday girl, Angel, looking very lovely in her Snow White costume:

This is the ticket invite I made. I also made the envelope for it. :-) I worked with the color scheme: navy blue, gold, with slight touches of red. The ribbon and acrylic flower acts as the clasp or seal for the envelope:

Here's the stage decor executed by my super creative hubby. He did all the balloon work, from shopping, pumping, knotting, to construction...He's my one-man balloon team! :) And since he's the only one who did all the work, he wasn't able to do a lot with the time he had, just the stage arch and the two trees, as well as the floor balloons. We also used the Snow White color scheme of navy blue, red, and gold/yellow.

Hubby still has some room for improvement when it comes to design and construction, but knowing that he learned from virtually nothing at all (no seminars, workshops, not even youtube tutorials!), I still salute him for his inherent creativity! :)

These are the souvenir tags I made for our little birthday girl's souvenir items. As we were on a super mega tight budget, we chose the simplest (but still cute), and most affordable souvenir we could find, and those are these flower clips. They are priced at around 10-12 pesos each, and we just bought the clear plastic (the thicker kind you use for souvenirs), some gold twine, and ribbon.

For the tags, I picked out a design that's not too overwhelming but dainty enough to make the souvenir look prettier. :) Note: I am no Photoshop expert, not even a Photoshop newbie! So I made this the only way I can...Microsoft Powerpoint. :)

More party details in the next post. :)

In the meantime, happy party planning to you!

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