Thursday, November 10, 2011

Happy Holiday Preps! :-)

Oh the joy! The site where I do my online work is down for maintenance for the next 30 minutes... enough time to do a quick post! Yey! :-)

Anyway, the holiday season is upon us, and Christmas and New Year happen to be my two most favorite holidays of the year, so I'm really giddy with excitement. This year has been pretty awesome for me and my family, so I plan to host a special thanksgiving/noche buena dinner at our house.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Kiddie Partyholic was on Halloween Break...Or not! :)

After our little Snow White party, I had a 'party-withdrawal-sickness'. I was missing that crazy fun rush of preparing for one. Thankfully, the opportunity presented itself before I was too sad for words. :) My younger brother turned 25 years old on October 28, and since hubby's schedule at work won't allow us to go trick-or-treating, I decided that we'll have our own little halloween/birthday party.