Friday, September 30, 2011

Cupcake Liner Pompoms are Love Love Love! :)

It's a stormy stormy day today, yet my to-do list is a mile long! How I wish I could just play and sleep all day with my little girl...BUT, can't do that, especially right now because she's been admitted to the hospital, and I'm currently playing the role of WAHMMY (work-at-(the) hospital-mommy). :)

Since I need to kickstart my 'inspiration' on this sleepy sleepy day in this cold hospital room, I decided to blog first on my recent successful attempt at making pompoms using cupcake liners (finally!) :)

If you remember my post about pompoms, there's a tutorial on there that I had been wanting to try. And I did earlier, with errr, not exactly the same materials, which led to this blog post. The results of that first attempt wasn't really awful, but since I used patterned crepe paper instead of cupcake liners, the outcome wasn't as I expected it (of course). But it was a great learning experience too, and it also means I had found an alternative material for that craft as well!

Thanks to Best Way in Divisoria (located along Sto. Cristo St.), I was finally able to score really pretty patterned cupcake liners at a super affordable price (45 PHP for 100 pcs). They also have a wide range of options as far as designs are concerned, and since they supply bakers and cake stores too, if you're into baking, you're sure to find all you need there.

Here's what I did to make my cupcake liner pompom:

1. The materials I used were pretty basic: Glue gun, glue stick, a size 5 styro ball, and 100 cupcake liners.
2. I chose yellow-colored liners with flower patterns, and I absolutely adore how dainty they look. :)
3. Wrap the liner around your pointer finger, so it forms a small circle on the base. Dab some hot glue on that small circle, and stick on the the styro ball. Press for about 5-10 seconds to ensure the glue sticks to the styro.
4. Repeat number 3, and arrange the liners as close as you want them to be. A fuller pompom would require more liners of course, and less space in between when you glue them on the ball.

And.....that's it! :)

Really simple right? Though as far as costs are concerned, you may have to spend a wee bit more than just doing the usual pompoms out of crepe or tissue paper, but I tell you, this version has its advantages. Aside from the fact that it takes so little time to make (about 15-30 minutes at most), they are also 'automatically fluffy' because of the styro ball. They're also 'sturdier', and won't get flattened easily (I personally haven't tried flattening a styro ball. :))

Check out the finished product below and how I plan to use it for an upcoming party. :)

Oh before I forget, I used balloon centerpiece stands, to serve as a stand and glued it on a plastic pot. To make some higher than the others (for levels), I placed styro layers inside the pot.

I absolutely LOVE how they turned out, and I plan to make more of these for other family parties and occasions. :)

Monday, September 12, 2011


Whenever I reminisce about my daughter's first birthday party, one of the most unforgettable aspects I keep looking back on was my discovery and first-time experience with face painting and glitter tattoos.

The idea of having it as part of my daughter's party was pitched by my balloon decorator then, Jacque Tan of Partyboosters. I saw pictures of their partner supplier for body art, and I was immediately thrilled with the thought of having them as part of my little princess' celebration.

Curious? Well, I'm sure you've heard of the name: Art N Faces Body Art.

Here's some of their awesome work during my little darling's first birthday celebration.

The kids enjoyed ANF's face painting and glitter tattoo booth! :)

Who said only the kids had fun with the activity? That's my pretty aunt with the nice butterfly detail on her arm. :)

Unfortunately, my family was super busy (and stressed due to errr, a reason I'd rather forget. hehe) during the party that we didn't get to have ourselves 'painted' or 'tattoed', but I'm pretty sure I'd have something done in the theme of butterflies and flowers, or something girly like that. :)

What really amazed me with ANF's work is their staff's meticulous attention to detail, and how their handiwork really looks like art, well-thought of and well-executed. The quality of the materials they used cannot be denied either, you can see it in the vibrant colors and the sharp lines. And I'd have to really commend their staff, courteous, creative, and really hard-working (imagine almost three hours of non-stop painting!).

Ms. Liby, owner of Art N Faces shares more about their awesome company for this edition of Kiddiepartyholic's Supplier Spotlight:

What ANF does...
ART N FACES Professional-Quality Body Art or the ANF TEAM is an exclusive group of artists with various talents in face painting, glitter tattoo, henna tattoo, nail art and salon. The ANF Team Artists are usually booked as part of side entertainment in parties and different types of events, both for personal and business purposes.

How the company was started...

It began in the millennium year, 2000, as an unexpected sideline, I had a regular job then as a junior graphic artist in a small media licensing company.  But I started to invite additional artists in 2008, when my ads generated a lot of inquiries.  It made me realized that I needed to recruit and train a group of artists so they can be inspired by my own style of face painting. 

On their first customer....
Before my solo engagement, I discovered face painting when I was hunting for a job.  During an interview of a manager of the talent agency “Bata-Batuta”, he offered face painting as a weekend job or part-time.  He booked me for a free face painting at Ever Gotesco Commonwealth.  Then when I went solo, I think I first gave a free service at a birthday party of my high school friend’s daughter, and then what followed was a customer from internet inquiry.

About challenges they encounter...

It’s the never-ending series of situations wherein my patience and unconditional love is being tested.  It is a very challenging task to handle people of various character and personalities, especially the younger ones who are still immature in terms of fulfilling their responsibilities as an ANF Team Artist.  No matter how I try to put things in order, there are still these hard-headed, irresponsible and even disloyal artists.  But generally speaking, I hate getting mad but sometimes I had to because of disciplinary reasons.  ANF should always do its role in preserving the strong culture with regards to ANF Core Values.

About their contributions as a business to the Philippine society...

ANF was created for a mission.   And part of this mission is to help the simple artists in the community to have and maintain a decent living.  I guess this is how ANF touches an economic issue of the Filipinos.  ANF hope that each artist will work hard to improve their financial situation.  Aside from generating additional source of income for simple artists, ANF envisions itself as a Catalyst of change through promoting a positive and strong culture of values which aimed to last for generations.  ANF Core Values are tested to be the key factors to be successful in this kind of business.  In short, ANF’s goal is to gain a financially, socially and spiritually rewarding life while being a part of the ANF Team.  Now as a concrete step to its fulfillment,  ANF has been very committed to its advocacy on Peace, Love and Art – a campaign that softly promotes peace, love and prosperity in life...

And finally their plans and ambitions for ANF...

To keep working and to always fulfill our Mission and Vision.

MISSION & PASSION:  To provide affordable & professional-quality body art services to simple families, big companies and even celebrities while helping artists in the community have decent living.
VISION & ACTION:    To be the Leader among body art service providers in the local party & events industry and to create a strong culture where ANF Core Values prevail even in generations to come.

And if given a chance, to expand by creating a bigger group of artists, who will be also known for professional creative services in different fields of Arts not just body art.  I hope that ART N FACES will be the top company known for sourcing local creative talents, even for international market.  If this happens, I wish to put up a Foundation to promote Arts to children who are out-of-school, while offering them scholarship until college.  Then they will be most welcome to join ANF.

Here are some of their amazing works of art from their Facebook page:


Coolness right? 

If you want to get in touch with ANF to make your party fun and colorful, here's their Facebook page and here's their Multiply page

Thursday, September 1, 2011

An Attempt At Pompoms

Remember my post on paper pompoms and how there are a variety of them we can actually make? My mind was so obsessed over how awesome the cupcake liner pompoms looked that I actually tried to make one! Or did not. Or I at least tried to make something like it. :)

Ok, here's what happened, one rainy Saturday (as the past Saturdays have always been), we were finally make able to make it to the bookstore to get some supplies. I unfortunately did not find any patterned cupcake liners at the mall that we went to (there were some plain ones, but were only in white. :(), and I was so sold on making one using patterned liners, that I decided to forego the cupcake holders for the meantime and find an alternative.

For some strange reason, my mind wandered around using what's traditionally used on paper pompoms - crepe paper. They were inexpensive, perfect for my trial run, and were available in bright colors. But I was pleasantly surprised that in my search, I actually found patterned crepe paper! COOLNESS! I immediately bought it (not knowing yet how I'm going to use it for the new version of the pompom).

I later on found out that (to my delight) the patterned crepe paper was actually made of thicker paper than the normal flimsy crepe paper. I cut out circles on it using a big tumbler, and folded the circle to find its center part, and basically followed the rest of the instructions on this tutorial

The materials I used and the pic on the bottom right is the half-finished pompom. :)

I encountered a few challenges while I was making it, since it was my first time. But I did find it easier to make and you're minus the 'how-to-make-it-fluffy' dilemma when you choose to go for this version of the paper pompom. I'd definitely try to make another one once I get hold of some cute cupcake liners, I bet it's going to be more fun, and will take lesser time to make. :) I made this one for about 30 minutes.

The not-so-perfect-but-equally-delightful output. :) I used it as a centerpiece for our dining table...

I think I'll be making more of these pretty things, and hopefully, I'll have the right materials next time (cupcake liners, I'm coming!), and no more bald spots... :)