Friday, January 27, 2012

This Mommy Got Crafty - Paper Bags

After my daughter's latest birthday party (May 2011), I became a DIY fan. Although there were very few DIY elements on her 2nd birthday celebration, the mere fact that I was able to pull it off gave me a sense of incomparable satisfaction. :)

Since then, I had been searching for ways on how to make DIY party decor. I have also been on a constant hunt for templates - for invitations, favor bags, and whatnot that I can use for parties. On the latter part of 2011, I found some templates online for paper bags (there's a lot here: .

And no, not just your usual paper 'bags'. More like paper purses! :)

Here are some of the stuff I made:

my first take on paper purses. the one on the left is 'Christmas-inspired'. Hehe. 
My first ever paper backpacks

I made some more of the LV-like backpacks and made purse versions too! :) (Will post pics once I find them. They want AWOL on me. Hehe.)

I plan to dabble in more paper crafts this year, and would definitely make some more for my little girl's parties, and other little occasions we have too! :)


  1. You are very creative! I admire people like you!!! Thanks! Gems of My Dailies

  2. how creative! i love the backpacks ^_^

  3. Ang galing! Nakakatuwa! Hindi ko kaya yung ganyan!

  4. ohh that's a very cute paper bag/ purse :) post ka ng tutorial :)