Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Our 2011 Christmas

Can't believe it's 2012 already! And that I haven't blogged in months! *blushes*

My little family had a really awesome Christmas and New Year, simply because we spent it with each other and our parents. Good food and genuine laughs...aaaahhhh, precious memories in the making.

We spent our New Year's day at my in-laws' place. My MIL prepared our media noche, so hubby, little princess and I pretty much just had the task of wolfing down the yummy grub. Hehe. Christmas on the other hand, was something I had personally prepared for (or at least tried to do so. Harhar.) as this was held at our humble abode. Unfortunately, I didn't expect that my little girl's nanny would be going to Batangas to spend Christmas with her dad who's visiting from Romblon. :( Thankfully though, my parents, brothers, and hubby were here to help me out with the many tasks of the day so some of my original plans were able to push on. :-)

Here are some pics of our happy Christmas:

Our pink and gold tree with little butterflies. :-)

My little princess is so aliw  with our Christmas tree. :-)

Yummyness! :-)
From left to right: Our Christmas menu, assorted mini-cuppies from Little Bites and pine-carrot cupcakes from My Sugar Kitchen, Pizza Pandesal, and Buko Pandan courtesy of hubby

The sumptuous meals I prepared for Christmas:

Fettucine pasta with choice of Tuna Carbonara and Cheesy Tomato Meat Sauce
Ham and Cheese Sticks
Sipo Eggs
Pizza Pandesal

By our 'photobooth wall'. :-)

My pretty baby

My little princess was feeling a little sick that day, but opening her gifts from us made her really happy... :-)

Preparing the meals, decor, and taking care of my little one throughout Christmas Eve and Christmas Day was tiring, but oh so worth it! :-) It's so fulfilling when you see your family happy on such a special day of the year!

Hope to pull off an even better holiday celeb next year!


  1. We also had a fun 2011 Christmas Celebration. We celebrated it in Baguio and out daughter really enjoyed every moment as much as her dad enjoyed the cold breeze...I'm a new follower..I hope you follow my blogs...Mom Blog and
    Super Social WAHM

    1. Wow, I'd have loved to celebrate in baguio too! :) Followed you on GFC! :)

  2. wow! fav ko yan sis, pizza pandesal!:) but really, I envy you sis, me, I don't have the patience to prepare/cook/execute. I always end up ordering from somewhere the last minute! lol :)


    1. We love it too! So easy to make, and so yummy! :)

      Ahhh, I used to not have the patience for these stuff too, but then I got addicted to the idea of kiddie parties...now I love having little 'parties' to prepare for. :D

      Though the cooking part is super nakakapagod, worth it naman. And you know what they say about not being able to eat much if you did the cooking? Errr, I don't think it applies for me. Hehe. :D

  3. great pics... don't worry about posting late! i just posted my first for 2012 last night. talk about being late! LOL.

    1. :D hehe, it's just that it's been a draft ever since new year! :D but true, better late than never! :)

  4. Love the pandan and the semi photo wall ... thanks for giving me an idea for our next holiday photos :)