Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Prepping for Terrific Three! :-)

With kids, time really does fly little princess will be turning three in 3 months!

I can still remember her learning how to walk, getting a fractured thigh just when she was starting to walk on her own (because of a little accident), bouncing right back like nothing happened, getting hospitalized thrice last year, starting to talk up a storm, and beginning to look less like my little baby to more of a beautiful little girl.

But ahhh, enough of my 'dramatic' moments... We all know what turning three means to me, and that is....another reason to plan a kiddie party! Yey! *insert cheers and confetti drop here* I have a feeling that by the time she turns four, she'll be the one to give me her 'birthday commands', so I'll take advantage of the fact that I can still do 'my thing' with this one. Hehe.

We've done the big venue clubhouse type, and last year we did the fastfood version, so this year, I decided to  keep the guest list small, the details more intricate, at a venue closer to my heart... OUR HOME. :-)

Yes, this third one is going to be a house party!

And I'm uber-thrilled because this is going to be mostly DIY. Our home isn't that big to require the help of a pro decorator, and well, the purse strings are tighter this year since she'll start schooling soon. :-)

For her third birthday party theme, I decided to go for a generic concept with the addition of elements of her current favorite cartoon, Ni Hao Kai Lan. Here are some of the party elements which I plan to DIY:
  1. Photo display 
  2. Entrance standee
  3. Photo wall (ala photobooth) I'll just do the layout and have the trap printed. 
  4. Masks and Hats
  5. Dessert/Candy Buffet
  6. Personalized Treats (errr, just the packaging. I don't know how to bake. :()
  7. Lootbags
  8. Tags
  9. And everything else that I can do in my power. Hehe. 
My mom-in-law is a grrrreeeat cook, and she has been, for quite some time, longing to cook for her third apo's party. She didn't get the chance to do so for the baptism and 1st birthday because those were catered, and the 2nd one was in a fastfood, so I thought of giving her what she wanted all this time. Hehe. So food is kinda settled, just need to sort out what and how much she'll be cooking. (Downsizing a guest list in my family is a chore I tell you, that's why I'm so excited to finally have a small at-home event.)

We plan to do an afternoon event, so we'll definitely serve more on merienda-type of food (suggestions are welcome! :-)) 

I had been conjuring her birthday plans since December last year, but being swamped with work in the past month had delayed my getting the DIY things started. But so far so good for February, I've already done some mock layouts, tried making a table-top standee, and will soon start drafting stuff for her photo display. 

I'm just so glad we were able to buy our color printer last year, it's going to make a lot of DIY things happen for me this year! Hehe. 

Oh, must get that little pre-birthday photoshoot on the calendar too! :-) Already have some photographer prospects, I just need to talk it over with hubby. 

Ahhhh, so much to do, and I'm sooo excited!

Will update you guys the soonest with more about the theme and what I've done so far. :-) 

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