Thursday, November 10, 2011

Happy Holiday Preps! :-)

Oh the joy! The site where I do my online work is down for maintenance for the next 30 minutes... enough time to do a quick post! Yey! :-)

Anyway, the holiday season is upon us, and Christmas and New Year happen to be my two most favorite holidays of the year, so I'm really giddy with excitement. This year has been pretty awesome for me and my family, so I plan to host a special thanksgiving/noche buena dinner at our house.

Ever since we moved to our own home sweet home, my parents had been spending Christmas eve and Christmas day with us, and we do have the traditional Noche Buena every 24th of December. Thing is, it's you know, just the usual eating together with more food than usual - which, don't get me wrong- is really awesome. But I wanted to be this year's dinner to be a tad more 'detailed' and special.

In addition, both hubby and I will be here for the Noche Buena feast! See, he works in a call center, and in the past couple of years, he wasn't with us for Christmas Eve. :( 

And of course, since this momma is a work-from-home diva, I don't have any Christmas parties or year-end shindigs to look forward to... So I might as well organize my own little thing! Hehe.

This year, I won the great debate (with hubby), so I get to choose the color scheme and the theme! Since it's my first time to do the holiday preps my way, I want to make it all-out I chose pink, gold, and a bit of aqua for the colors, and yes butterflies! :-)

The letter H I made for our Happy Holidays banner should give you a good picture of what the theme's all about:

I've already ordered Christmas cupcakes and a good friend of mine will be making customized sugar cookies for me (I'm really more of an eater than a baker. Hehe.). I'm still thinking of what other sweet treats to add to our dessert table/sweets station.Perhaps two more varieties would be enough since we're just a group of about 10-12 people. :)

And since I'm going to finally be able to buy my own colored printer, I think I'll be able to make my own treat bags this time! :-) I already found a really pretty template to match this year's holiday theme, so I'm really psyched to go full on with the preps.

Just a few more weeks 'til Christmas people! Happy party planning to all of us! :)


  1. Oh goody! :) I'm so excited for your party sis! :) And I LOLd when you mentioned winning over the debate regarding color and theme! :)

  2. gahh! I have yet to put up our tree since this will be my son's 2nd Christmas and he's really into lights and glittery stuff ^_^ Your theme sounds really nice, I'm going for gold and red. lol. I'm old school!

  3. seems like your noche buena party will be a blast. dapat magka-xmas party din tayong mga mommies :)