Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Kiddie Partyholic was on Halloween Break...Or not! :)

After our little Snow White party, I had a 'party-withdrawal-sickness'. I was missing that crazy fun rush of preparing for one. Thankfully, the opportunity presented itself before I was too sad for words. :) My younger brother turned 25 years old on October 28, and since hubby's schedule at work won't allow us to go trick-or-treating, I decided that we'll have our own little halloween/birthday party.

I had very little time to prepare since I was swamped with work (that's actually a good thing!), but I did my best with the limited time frame that I had. I ended up making only the treat bag tags and the cupcake toppers and was not able to push through with  the rest of what I planned to accomplish. :( But all's well that ends well - hubby helped me with balloons, and the colors in our 'budget pack' bunch  (30 pesos for 20 balloons on a stick, pretty cool right?) matched my halloween/birthday color scheme: orange, neon green, and black.

'twas a really simple but nevertheless really fun event with my family. Any occasion spent with my cheerful and crazy bunch of loved ones is always precious, whether it be grand or simple. :)

Here are some photos of the day:

Birthday boy's hungry! :) Our simple menu for the day was: Arrozcaldo, Vegetable Omelet, KFC Bucket Meal, Macaroni in Meat Sauce, Leche Flan, Cupcakes, and Treats! :)
My family (hubby was sleeping around this time. He had work that night. :()

The treats bag I prepared for my brothers and my daughter. :) I made the treat bag tag. :)

All in all this little celebration cost me about... 1,500 pesos (roughly about $35! :)) Whoever said you need a lot of money to have a fun party must have been kidding... :)


  1. looks like you guys really had so much fun. :)

  2. Yup we did, my brothers and parents are a funny bunch. :)

  3. agree! who needs lots of money to have a great party? just a few food and lots of fun time w/ the family will do! :)

  4. Your brother is very lucky to have a sister like you...looks like he had a great time on his special day.

  5. Awwww.. :) It's a birthday party slash Halloween celebration of sorts.. :)

    Your brother's very fortunate to have you prep something for his birthday.. :) I get tamad when it's my sister's birthday, I just give her money to buy whatever she wants.. :D

  6. that was a lot of fun, i am so tamad to throw out a party, i'd rather invite them to dine out instead of washing plenty of dishes LOL

  7. thanks for all the awesome comments! :)

    yeah my brother's a lucky bloke. Hehe. I told him who would throw a party for me on my birthday? He said: E di ikaw din Ate! (Sweet kid. Tsk. :D)

    I initially thought of just giving him a gift, or dine out with my parents. But since we rarely see each other since we live in different cities, I opted to just put together a simple celebration here at home so we can enjoy the food and the conversation to the fullest without spending too much. :)