Thursday, September 1, 2011

An Attempt At Pompoms

Remember my post on paper pompoms and how there are a variety of them we can actually make? My mind was so obsessed over how awesome the cupcake liner pompoms looked that I actually tried to make one! Or did not. Or I at least tried to make something like it. :)

Ok, here's what happened, one rainy Saturday (as the past Saturdays have always been), we were finally make able to make it to the bookstore to get some supplies. I unfortunately did not find any patterned cupcake liners at the mall that we went to (there were some plain ones, but were only in white. :(), and I was so sold on making one using patterned liners, that I decided to forego the cupcake holders for the meantime and find an alternative.

For some strange reason, my mind wandered around using what's traditionally used on paper pompoms - crepe paper. They were inexpensive, perfect for my trial run, and were available in bright colors. But I was pleasantly surprised that in my search, I actually found patterned crepe paper! COOLNESS! I immediately bought it (not knowing yet how I'm going to use it for the new version of the pompom).

I later on found out that (to my delight) the patterned crepe paper was actually made of thicker paper than the normal flimsy crepe paper. I cut out circles on it using a big tumbler, and folded the circle to find its center part, and basically followed the rest of the instructions on this tutorial

The materials I used and the pic on the bottom right is the half-finished pompom. :)

I encountered a few challenges while I was making it, since it was my first time. But I did find it easier to make and you're minus the 'how-to-make-it-fluffy' dilemma when you choose to go for this version of the paper pompom. I'd definitely try to make another one once I get hold of some cute cupcake liners, I bet it's going to be more fun, and will take lesser time to make. :) I made this one for about 30 minutes.

The not-so-perfect-but-equally-delightful output. :) I used it as a centerpiece for our dining table...

I think I'll be making more of these pretty things, and hopefully, I'll have the right materials next time (cupcake liners, I'm coming!), and no more bald spots... :)

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