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Balloonless Kiddie Parties: THE BIRTHDAY BUNTINGS

Oh my, I feel so ashamed.

I haven't blogged here for more than a week! Been terribly busy lately... And my hands are now completely itching to tell you more about more fun party ideas. :)

Photo credits to Canon
BUT, I'll control my urges and concentrate first on telling you more about one of the most noble party decors that stood the test of time, and had evolved to adapt to the many demands of modern kiddie parties. - the BIRTHDAY BUNTINGS!

A.K.A birthday streamers, pennants, banners, and what-not, birthday buntings are those triangular-shaped (used to be just triangular, now, not anymore!) flaglets you hang on the walls or ceilings during any special celebration.

I'm pretty sure they've found their way into one of your own childhood parties way back.

Here in the Philippines we call them 'banderitas', and they've now evolved from just being plain-colored to character-themed. And of course, these banderitas are not only used during birthdays here, but also during local town fiestas.

You might be thinking, ok, what's so 'new and appealing' with something as 'traditional' as birthday buntings? Well, that's just it, they're so 'traditional', modern kiddie parties are almost devoid of their presence! They used to be the main party decor, now they almost go unnoticed.

BUT, they do deserve a great come-back. Just look at these photos of a party featured on Kara's Party Ideas:

Photo credits to Kara's Party Ideas. Photos by Sarah C. Photography.

Photo credits to Kara's Party Ideas. Photos by Sarah C. Photography

Photo credits to Kara's Party Ideas. Photos by Sarah C. Photography
The main theme for this particular party was, yes, you guessed it right, fabric pennants! :) Simple but chic right?  I also absolutely love that they made colorful buntings out of fabric (very eco-friendly), since these are the kind that you can store for a long time, bring out and just wash for the next party!

I've found a great tutorial online (template also included in the tutorial) on how to make these dainty fabric buntings, and it looks so easy to do. It would take some really basic sewing skills (nothing that would require you to take sewing classes.hehe), and some beautifully-patterned fabrics (that you may already have lying around at home). I'm thinking old, unused clothes, pillowcases, or blankets would do the trick...this also means you don't even have to shell out any cash! :)

Aside from fabric buntings, you can also make paper buntings which you can easily personalize with some really basic computer skills (think MS, not even Photoshop or any of those tricky softwares), and a colored printer. What's great about paper buntings? There are a lot of patterns, of different shapes, sizes, and themes, that you can either purchase for a minimal amount online...or better, download for free. This way, you can tweak the patterns to your heart's content, to make it in perfect symmetry to your theme! Really awesome right? :)

Here are some links you can go to for paper bunting downloads: - All letters of the alphabet here! :) Perfect for any occasion! - Tutorial and printables combo. :) Coolness. - A variety of printable buntings here. - mini buntings that are perfect as accents! - free templates for your fabric buntings or you can customize them with some minor editing - Different bunting ideas! :)

Hope these links help! Anyway, you can also do these to make some interesting, one-of-a-kind, non-traditional birthday buntings:

Photo from:
1. Depending on your theme, you can print-out on not-too-thick, not-too-thin paper (less than 180 GSM would do, but no less than 120 would be great) high-res images based on the theme you're working on. Cut-out the images, thread them, and voila! You can have something like this cute dinosaur bunting. :)

2. Use non-traditional materials like fabric, old cereal cartons, lace doilies, old papermats or placemats, used boxes with cute patterns or short, RE-USE, and RECYCLE! :) 

3. Your buntings don't always have to be triangular. They can be round, square, scalloped...pretty much any shape you can think of (and make). 

4. Add some '3D' element on your birthday buntings. Think artificial or dried flowers, buttons, acrylic gems, felt shapes, etc. to add that instant fun element to your streamers. 

5. Place them not just on walls and ceilings, but use them as accents for the dessert table, the guest's chairs, or even as decorative accents to your candy/cookie jars or treat bags.

If you don't have the time to DIY these cute buntings, you can always purchase them at party stores, or at Divisoria, for an affordable price. Also, always be on the look-out for non-traditional birthday buntings or streamers that you can decorate with. You'll be surprised at the variety of choices you have. :)

I really hope this post helped the buntings find a way back to your kiddiepartyholic heart... :)

Happy Party Planning!

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