Friday, September 30, 2011

Cupcake Liner Pompoms are Love Love Love! :)

It's a stormy stormy day today, yet my to-do list is a mile long! How I wish I could just play and sleep all day with my little girl...BUT, can't do that, especially right now because she's been admitted to the hospital, and I'm currently playing the role of WAHMMY (work-at-(the) hospital-mommy). :)

Since I need to kickstart my 'inspiration' on this sleepy sleepy day in this cold hospital room, I decided to blog first on my recent successful attempt at making pompoms using cupcake liners (finally!) :)

If you remember my post about pompoms, there's a tutorial on there that I had been wanting to try. And I did earlier, with errr, not exactly the same materials, which led to this blog post. The results of that first attempt wasn't really awful, but since I used patterned crepe paper instead of cupcake liners, the outcome wasn't as I expected it (of course). But it was a great learning experience too, and it also means I had found an alternative material for that craft as well!

Thanks to Best Way in Divisoria (located along Sto. Cristo St.), I was finally able to score really pretty patterned cupcake liners at a super affordable price (45 PHP for 100 pcs). They also have a wide range of options as far as designs are concerned, and since they supply bakers and cake stores too, if you're into baking, you're sure to find all you need there.

Here's what I did to make my cupcake liner pompom:

1. The materials I used were pretty basic: Glue gun, glue stick, a size 5 styro ball, and 100 cupcake liners.
2. I chose yellow-colored liners with flower patterns, and I absolutely adore how dainty they look. :)
3. Wrap the liner around your pointer finger, so it forms a small circle on the base. Dab some hot glue on that small circle, and stick on the the styro ball. Press for about 5-10 seconds to ensure the glue sticks to the styro.
4. Repeat number 3, and arrange the liners as close as you want them to be. A fuller pompom would require more liners of course, and less space in between when you glue them on the ball.

And.....that's it! :)

Really simple right? Though as far as costs are concerned, you may have to spend a wee bit more than just doing the usual pompoms out of crepe or tissue paper, but I tell you, this version has its advantages. Aside from the fact that it takes so little time to make (about 15-30 minutes at most), they are also 'automatically fluffy' because of the styro ball. They're also 'sturdier', and won't get flattened easily (I personally haven't tried flattening a styro ball. :))

Check out the finished product below and how I plan to use it for an upcoming party. :)

Oh before I forget, I used balloon centerpiece stands, to serve as a stand and glued it on a plastic pot. To make some higher than the others (for levels), I placed styro layers inside the pot.

I absolutely LOVE how they turned out, and I plan to make more of these for other family parties and occasions. :)


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