Thursday, August 11, 2011

Balloonless Kiddie Parties: THE PAPER PINWHEEL

I was pretty curious too....

What exactly is a pinwheel? According to, it's: A toy consisting of vanes of colored paper or plastic pinned to a stick so that they revolve when blown on.

I don't think that gives enough of a visual, so here you go:

Photo credits to:
Pretty isn't it? That's a paper pinwheel (and I think they enhanced the plain purple paper through rubberstamping, coolness. :)). Now what does this little 'toy' have to do with parties?

I used to think these rotating vanes of color were just decorative items for the garden, or simply just toys for the kids (and kids at heart) that they can play with during the summer. But then again, my fellow kiddie partyholics found a better use for it... as party decor!

And when I did my usual online search for kiddie parties, I found how creatively they can be used! Here are a couple of pictures from Kara's Party Ideas:

Photo from Kara's Party Ideas. A variety of ways to use pinwheels! :)

Photo from Kara's Party Ideas. Pinwheels as cupcake toppers! :)

Photo from Kara's Party Ideas. Pinwheels for a baby boy's party! :)

Ok, just looking at these three pictures, you'll see the maaany ways you can use pinwheels to decorate your kiddo's party. :)

I believe the first picture was for a vintage-themed pinwheel party, and I'm just in love with the patterns and colors, as well as the really creative ways they used the pinwheels! :) They were used to decorate the cake and were also given away as a party favor. On the second photo, you'll find how they were ingeniously used as cupcake toppers. Simply pretty way of accenting such a yummy treat!

The third photo is from a little boy's party, and I adore the color scheme! Pinwheels were used as accents for the table of goodies. See? Even your little man's party can make use of pinwheels as party decor, it's just a matter of choosing the right patterns and colors.

Now how do you make these cute little 'head-turners'?

I have not yet 'perfected' making one (but I hope to do so soon), so I don't have the confidence yet to put up my own tutorial here....BUT, there's a lot of them online that's pretty easy to follow. :)

Here's one that I used:, and here's another one that's pretty easy too (and with more basic materials) -

And since I got so carried away with my amazement at these things, here are some really great templates you can use so you can make pinwheels with that extra oomph! :) - For pretty flower-like pinwheels. - - For plain and printed (think butterflies, stripes, etc.) templates that you can edit using Gimp or Photoshop to put in some color before printing. :)

By the way, I made a couple of pinwheels a few days ago with leftover cardstock paper here at home. I'll make sure to make more once I get my hands on more materials. My little kiddo's thrilled by the idea already! :)

My first attempt on making pinwheels. :)

My number one fan loves 'em! :)

Go ahead and make yours now! Whether you're having a party or not, making these paper pinwheels make for some fun bonding with your family, and I'm pretty sure your little ones will have the time of their lives just making them turn and turn. :)

My next post is definitely something to look forward to as well as I'll be featuring: BIRTHDAY BUNTINGS/PAPER STREAMERS! :)


  1. Very cute and easy to make! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for the comment mommy anney! :) They really are super easy to make, I plan to make more when I have time. :)

    I really admire your creativity, as in super saludo ako sa 'yo! your family is so lucky to have you...

  3. Hi Mommy Tin!
    Very cute pinwheels! I'm planning on making some myself. Would like to ask what stick you used? Don't know where to find wooden dowels here in Manila. Thanks :)