Friday, July 1, 2011

Supplier Spotlight: Babies and Hairbows

Dressing up your baby girl for her pre-event shoot can both be exciting yet challenging. Our little princesses are already naturally adorable, but of course, we would want them to look extra special not only on their pre-birthday pictorials, but also on the day of the party itself.

This was one of my priorities when I was laying out my things-to-do for my daughter's first birthday party last year. Her first birthday had a princess theme, and I wanted her to look every bit like one, and still be unique. I don't remember exactly how I stumbled upon this site, but the first time I saw Babies and Hairbows' products, I fell in love.

The site was originally on Multiply, a social networking site that later on became more popular for its Marketplace feature.

Back then, boutique hairbows and the like were just starting to gain popularity, and I saw some really great-looking ones on Babies and Hairbows site. But what really caught my eye then were her tutu dresses. Until that time, I thought tutus were only worn by ballerinas. When I saw just how B&H reinvented yards of tulle and ribbon to something whimsical and beautiful, I knew I had to order one for my little girl.

And from that purple and pink tutu dress that I ordered, I became an avid supporter of Babies and Hairbows' products.

Mommy Farle of Babies and Hairbows (pic from her FB site)

Since then, I have also gotten to know Ms. Farle Hatami, the wonder mom behind Babies and Hairbows', and she has shared with me the amazing story of how her love for her darling daughter had inspired her to make some of the prettiest handmade accessories I have seen online:

Her daughter Arianna is a pretty little girl of Iranian descent, but like any other beautiful baby, she had a sparse amount of hair when she was an infant, and well, was often mistaken to be a boy (how I don't know, because she is one pretty kid.) And whenever Mommy Farle would take her out to get some sun, even when the precious baby was wearing pink, people would still comment how 'handsome' her little boy was. I'm pretty sure a lot of us mommies have experienced this as well. :) 

This is what inspired Mommy Farle to make her first hairbow, and ever since, she had been getting praises for her adorable little girl, and her pretty hairbows. 

Up to this day, Mommy Farle continues to share her passion and love for her daughter by creating more beautiful and unique products for other mommies' little princesses. She has gone from making hairbows and tutu dresses to producing casual and party clothes, gowns, flower bows, clips, tiered skirts, and much, much more

According to Mommy Farle, she takes inspiration from her family as well as her clients who continuously support her and give her new ideas for designs. 

Babies and Hairbows continues to expand, with clients from all over the Philippines, and she also already has clients from other countries as well. Mommy Farle stated that she would also love to make other baby or newborn essentials in the future, like diaper bags, etc. 

Babies and Hairbows offers a wide variety of clothes for your little princesses, and Mommy Farle continues to come up with new, fabulous stuff that you would surely love to have for your little one. 

Here are some pics of her creations:

entire ensemble customized for a client
new dress. perfect for a racer-themed party don't you think? :)
pettitutu set
pretty casual dress

Custom made soft-soled shoes

For more samples of their products and latest creations please visit either their website: or their Facebook page:

I can personally attest to the quality of Babies and Hairbows' products, as I have bought from them a number of times (if I had a bigger budget, I would have bought waaaay mooore. B&H shopping can get addictive. :))

I love that most of Mommy Farle's products can be made-to-order, that she takes great care in choosing complementary materials for all her creations, and that she makes sure you are satisfied with her work. 

You can mix and match her creations, or you can have her customize a dress (or an entire ensemble) for your little one's pre-event shoot/pictorial. She also makes custom footwear (soft-sole ones) that can match your baby's outfit. The great thing about this is, you can have it complement the party theme, the color scheme, your baby's personality...and most importantly, your budget. :-)

Here are some pics of my little one wearing her creations:

Purple and pink tutu dress with matching hairbow from B&H for her 1st bday pre-event shoot

Colorful korker bow for every day use

Fiesta hairbow for her 2nd bday pre-event shoot

Pre-birthday shoots, birthdays, or even just attending parties are perfect occasions for your little girl to dress up. And as a mom, I'm pretty sure that you want her to always look special and beautiful. Babies and Hairbows is one of those few online suppliers that you can trust in making your little princess' birthday/party outfit, or you can just satisfy your shopping whim with their casual clothes and pretty hairbows. :)

Hope this helps you with party planning! :)

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