Thursday, July 28, 2011

Heigh-ho, heigh-ho, on Snow White DIY mode I go!

I may have to postpone working on the candy buffet post as I am extremely busy with work and with the DIY stuff I'm putting together for a special 7th birthday party this coming October.

So far, I have done a number of drafts for the invite, and had scanned many nooks and crannies of the Internet to find great templates, printables, freebies, cliparts, etc. for my share of the party: the candy buffet! :) 

Everything is still on draft mode (meaning: still on to-be-improved mode).

Here are some samples of what I've achieved so far:

One of the drafts for the invites. This will be a cut-out invite. 

For the candy/dessert buffet, I'm thinking of a rustic/forest concept. Like some sort of Dessert Garden. :) I named the sweets after Snow White's Seven Dwarves.  I got the scroll-like thing from Shabby Princess, Sleepy from Disney Wikia, gel leaves from, and the font is Cry Uncial. :)

Here's a sample. This is still a draft, but I'm already pretty sold on what I've done for the candy labels.
Labels for the sweets buffet. :)

In accordance to the rustic forest theme, I also scoured the web for a template of a basket that I can print out. I found this brown one from

There are other colors actually, pink, red. green, etc (super cool 'eh?), but I prefer the brown one since it goes with the theme. I just made a few tweaks here and there to personalize the design. These will serve as a candy/treats bag that the kids can use for the stuff they get from the desserts/sweets buffet. I plan to line the insides with wax paper so the treats won't stick to the basket.

I am yet to see the printed output and assemble it (we don't have a printer at home. *sigh.*), but I'll make sure to upload a printed and assembled version once I get out of my little cave after the twin storms lurking around the metro has gone (not a fan of rainy days really).

I will be using these as backdrop, print it on cardstock or perhaps sticker paper and put it on styro. I'll place sticks behind them so they'll be elevated. :) These will be spelling the birthday celebrant's name. (Stuff put together are from Shabby Princess and

Name backdrop for dessert buffet

The signage for the dessert buffet is still in progress though, as well as other stuff I'm laying out. Will keep you posted for other stuff I'd be able to accomplish.For the meantime, back to mommy mode, and working-at-home woman mode! :)

Happy Party Planning everyone!

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