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We're Back and Talking about DIY Birthday Backdrops!

Aha! This blog is ALIIIIIVE!

I was thinking of going into some long winding apology about life and what kept me back from writing a post for the past three months - but well you know the drill - WAHMMY duties was what it was all about. :)

Anyyywaayyys, my daughter's fourth birthday party is just a couple of months away and I have done close to nothing. I bought her a birthday dress. Haha. Oh and I do have a theme and some printables already - it's going to be just an intimate house party (finally.). Due to budget constraints (big school's up for my little girl in June), everything is kinda a gray area right now as far as her party is concerned, but what I'm sure of is she can have a little celebration at home. So I thought, I'm going to give myself a challenge this year - I will plan the entire fab little celebration in two to three weeks at most. Can I do this? Hmmm, we'll find out by May.

In the meantime, as I lament my woes, I've gathered some awesome ideas for party backdrops from the web. For the past few year that I've been looking into kiddie party ideas in the Philippines, most backdrops I have seen were made of either a tarpaulin print-out or the more expensive styro set-up.

While the 'traditional' backdrops are of course the easiest choices, moms who want a different look and feel for their little one's parties are always on the lookout for other backdrop options. Here are some fun, DIY backdrops you can put up for your celebrations:

photo from this blog:

Paper and ribbons - easy-peasy! Yeah I know, most DIY back drops look 'easy-to-do', but turn out to be Herculean tasks. But this particular one - nah. Materials required are scrapbook board paper, ribbons, mounting tape, and foam board. You can actually even ditch the foam board (like what was done in the photo below), and just hang the backdrop. Replace the scrapbook papers with actual photos of the birthday celebrator for a more 'personal' feel. Pretty neat right?

Photo credit to:


Had the ultimate 'Of course!' moment when I saw this backdrop idea. Quilts and fabric are like the easiest to have for dessert or candy buffets. It can even be used for DIY photobooths! You can go for printed ones if you are just too busy to jazz it up. Or you can go for plain ones (or simply striped or polka-dotted) if you are in the mood to add more elements to it. You can easily personalize this kind of backdrop (if you want) with the celebrant's name, or add DIY banners too.

Just look at this beautiful fabric backdrop bordered with pink tulle - whimsically pretty right?

Pretty ballerina-themed set up. Photo from
Once you're done with the party, you can even use your colorful fabric backdrop as a quilt, a bed cover, table cover, or even as pillow cases! :)

Photo from:

Paper is such a lovely medium, and it's also such a versatile material to use as backdrop. I've tried making these paper medallions two Christmases ago, and they're so easy to put together! In my experience, the best material to use is your common cartolina, pliant enough for accordion folding, yet thick and sturdy enough to hold its own. Plus it's so inexpensive. :) You can also go for scrapbook paper if you want to go for prints, or combine cartolina with printed wrapping paper - the options are endless!

Paper medallions used as a backdrop provide maximum impact when you put a lot of them together, like in the photo below. But, a few well-made, well-thought of ones, placed in interesting, contrasting texture, also make a stand-out unique party backdrop.

Photo from amorologyweddings
Photo from

Want to make one for your party? You can check out a tutorial from A Blissful Nest here.


Ribbons, with its wide array of colors, prints, and textures also make for an interesting and extraordinary backdrop. Hang them all together from a line like a curtain, twist them for more texture, or combine them with other backdrop accents and you're sure to have a conversation piece that guests will definitely want photos of.

They're also quite easy to put up. All you need is a string, your preferred ribbons, and a tube to hang them from. It's best if your ribbon backdrop measures the same as the length of your table (if you plan to use it for a dessert or candy buffet). Contrasting colors would also make it more eye-catching, and with a dash of prints here and there, you'll really have something truly special.

Grand ribbon backdrop. Photo from Pinterest.

Have some extra fabric with nice prints at home? Why don't let them go to waste! You can also use them like ribbons for your backdrop.

Fabric ribbons were used as backdrop. Photo from

See? It's not really hard to give your party a different look - DIY backdrops can give it that instant makeover. And you don't have to spend as much too! For most of the options presented above, you can actually find the basic materials just lying around at home. :)

Will definitely post additional ideas as I discover more. Here's to hoping I get to update Kiddie Partyholic more regularly from this point forward. :)

Happy party planning!

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