Friday, April 22, 2011

Why A Kiddie Party Blog?

Now that's a good question. :-)

I don't know if I answered this question in my first post, but if I didn't, then well, it's definitely worth answering.

When I was planning my daughter's first birthday, I scoured, literally both international and local websites for ideas, themes, suppliers, possible venues, souvenirs, invitations, etc. Being a writer at heart (and by profession), researching was something that came naturally to me. Little did I know that the 'legwork' involved in the treasure hunt for ideas and suppliers online is an entirely different task.

The first and foremost thing that I looked for was THE VENUE.

I live in Bacoor Cavite, and finding an airconditioned party venue in the area (that wasn't a fastfood) was not easy at all. First off, there were really few references online that contained information on events places in Bacoor, well mainly because, there really aren't a lot of them around here. So hubby and I had to literally scout for places around Bacoor to find an ideal location.

There were a few that I found, at that time though none of them were airconditioned, except for one I think. (I'll do a separate blog post for this for those who might be looking for a venue around here. :-) )

I had to stretch my reach and look online for a venue at the nearest Metro Manila town to me - Las Pinas. Now there are a looooot of choices in this area. :-) Resorts, airconditioned areas, outdoor venues, and lots more. (I'll also do a separate post for this, I'll also post some helpful links. Please watch out for it!)

When I finally found my venue of choice, the scouting for suppliers began. Now I was quite overwhelmed by the variety that party suppliers now offer (as explained in a previous post), and I found a lot of them on Multiply. I  was pleasantly surprised to find that this social networking site would be my to-go website for party suppliers, as I remember it to be just a place on the web I post my pictures on. Hehe.

Multiply is a vast marketplace of different services, and a lot of party suppliers have their services posted through Multiply accounts. I find it easier to search for suppliers there than on Facebook, as it's easier to do a Google-like search on Multiply.

Another site I went to was which is another helpful collection of information on party suppliers.

These websites were a great help in my search, but all in all, it was still a daunting task to sift through all the info that I got. Those who have very little time to go online would find it even more difficult to find what they're looking for in just one click.

But one thing's for sure, I enjoyed doing it. :-)

It gave me headaches and dizziness (because of spending hour after hour online.Hehe.), but I did it nonetheless because I found it to be a fun experience. Two reasons why: I love researching, and I love kiddie parties!

Ever since I got a 'taste' of planning a party for my daughter, it has become my 'addiction' to plan for the next one. I even help friends find suppliers online, find venues, compare pros and cons, and a lot more, just because it was something I'd gladly do. And yes, I don't charge a single cent for it. :-)

So I figured, since I looove writing and I loooooove kiddie parties and planning for it, why not blog about it? I'm hoping that those who chance upon Kiddiepartyholic would find some helpful information that they can use for their own parties. And of course, some new friends to gain would be great too! :-)

Happy Reading!

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